Our first step in our website development process is to find out the wants and needs of the company to determine what technology is needed to accomplish those goals. We use many different technologies, including but not limited to, Wordpress templates, PHP, MySQL, SQL Server, ASP.NET, javascript, etc. to create an inviting website that tells the story, gives the information, or closes the sale that is needed by the business. We can use many different technologies to achieve the perfect design and functionality for our customers.
Once we know what type of solution will work best for a customer, we then sit down and work with them to determine what type of design they would like to see. Once we have gathered this information we work with the customer to create 3-5 initial designs for the customer to see many different options available on layout, navigation, font, colors, etc. Then we work with the customer to piece together a final design that we will use to convert to the actual website.
During the conversion to a website, we work with the customer to determine which keywords they are trying to target for each page and for the website overall. We then use this information to look at competition and search frequency in Google Adwords for these keywords to try to determine the the best keywords to target. Then we perform search engine optimization on each page throughout the process of website construction. We also setup each page with Google Analytics code and setup a Google Analytics account for each customer so they can review the information that is captured through that process.
Finally, after final approval, we deploy the website to either a hosting account and make sure all items are working correctly for the customer. We offer the ability to host the website ourselves or can work with any hosting account that is already in use by the customer. We can also make any changes necessary for Domain Name Services (DNS) for the customer to make sure that the world can access the new website.