A server is a large investment for a business and it must be maintained to reduce downtime and run as efficiently as possible. The longer a business has a server available to them, usually the more dependant that business is on the server running properly. A business cannot have their server go down, because it severly effects the day to day operations for that business. TLN IT Solutions completely understands this, which is why our monthly server maintenance plans were developed.
The server maintenance plans are tailored to the individual needs of the company and the server, but here are some of the basic services we provide:
  • Windows Updates - The server must be kept up to date with these updates to avoid software issues and also keep the server secure.
  • Hard Drive Defragmentation - Depending on the type of hard drives that the server has installed, hard drive defragmentation can be one of the single best resources used to help a server operate faster.
  • Temporary File/Registry Cleaner - Temporary files and the server registry can get cluttered over time with use and adding and removing programs.
  • Full Virus Scan - Keeping connections contained and removing them as soon as possible is very important for any computer, but especially a server.
  • Check Disk - This routine checks the blocks on the server hard drive to fix corruption that happens from time to time and makes sure the hard drives are healthy.
  • Event Log Checks - Many catastrophic events give clues ahead of time that they are going to occur. A great place to find those clues is the event log on a server.
  • Server Hardware Management - Many manufacturers of servers have hardware management software that can be installed to monitor the hardware and give information about components that have failed or are about to fail.