TLN IT Solutions has been working on disaster recovery and data backup plans for a long time with many different small & medium businesses. It does not matter how safe and secure you are and how well you try to maintain all of your hardware, there will come a time where an infection occurs or there is a hardware failure that can cause major problems if your business is not prepared.

If you are manually performing any aspect of your data backup solution then you will probably have a problem at some point. The reason for this: Human Nature! When you are part of a small or medium business you usually wear multiple hats, and it is very easy to neglect your data backup chores, because it may not be the main part of your job. We have seen many companies that thought they had a data backup process/solution in place only to realize that someone hadn't performed the manual backup, changed a tape, or switched out a hard drive in months! When disaster strikes this is the worst feeling in the world, because chances are there is going to be a very large data loss.

TLN IT Solutions uses a remote backup solution called Acronis Cloud. This process includes a client that goes on each device that needs to be backed up and a process is customized for each device to back up the files necessary using an acceptable time for the backups to be performed. This process is completely automated and encrypted so all files sent to the remote server are secure. In addition to this automated process, we also monitor the backups daily by getting an automated email if a backup fails for any reason. The final step in our processing monthly restores to test to make sure that files are being backed up properly. The only thing worse than not having a backup, is having a backup where the files that are being backed up are corrupted or have an issue and cannot be recovered!